Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You're full of SHIT

So you tell me that you miss how it use to be and that you miss us tand that you miss how close we were. and you tell me how youll always be my friend no matter what and that you would never ignore me but there has just been so much going on.
when i decided to be a good person and check up on you the other morning you completely disregarded my message. You never replied.
and it makes you a hypocrite especially after i complained to you about how all of my friends were completely in the blue and i was all alone.
especially after you told me that you missed me and that you'll miss me a lot when im gone for vacay and you even called me cute.
why would you ignore a cute girl

basically you just proved to me that you're full of it. full of SHIT and i never want anything to do with you again.
So finally, this chapter of my life is...OVER. Next chapter has officially begun. New blog: Fashion! Its going to be an OOTD diary!! Ill update y'all when i get it set up and going!

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